Maria Arango

'The Guardian'

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Artist's comments ...

Cherrywood block, Kaisuri Japanese paper (translates to 'refuse' or 'remnants')

4 state reduction print, image inspired by the grain of the block, small figure done in an attempt to imitate the chiaroscuro style of early Italian and European prints

Viewer feedback ...

This is just full of energy. I like the way you've worked with the wood here. It is alive.

Suggestions: I don't know if this guardian is supposed to be an angel or somebody, but the darkness looks ominous and I'm wondering what the guardian is doing hovering in the corner. It feels like he's (she, it) is about to do harm. But your title implies a helper.

I like the feeling of this print, though the title may be confusing. The design feels right and the colors enhances the look of the wood.

Love the pattern of wood grain turning into what I perceive as water. Also think the earth tones are perfect for the theme!! I like it. Where are the wolves??????

I really like the way the image and the wood are one, very skillfully done.

I like the earth colors, you use them so well, very rooted solid feeling to these images.

Such a wonderful use of space and weird paper. Maria, where do you find these wonderful papers? The wood grain in this is super - the design is both realistic and ethereal. One of my favorites.

One of my very favorite prints in this portfolio, Maria. Fantastic image! Great chiaroscuro style!

Great composition/drawing, intriguing content, well executed technically (from what I can see in a digital photo). I too work reductively.

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