David Bull

'Local Museum in Snow'

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Artist's comments ...

I wanted to try to learn some of the techniques used by the 'shin-hanga' makers earlier in this century. There are 31 impressions ... of only two colours.

Viewer feedback ... (Dave's reponses in italics)

Very delicate. What a lot of work and it shows. I had a lot of fun looking at all of the nuances.

If you drew this yourself, I think that you've done a remarkable job! I'm really happy that there are footprints in the snow as it adds a human touch.

Yes, this is an 'original' ... mostly anyway. It's based on a few photographs I took of the actual building (in summer actually), mixed together with some tree branches I saw in a shin-hanga print somewhere.

Suggestions: The straight lines make the drawing a little static. It's hard to make buildings dynamic. Even when a 'meditative' scene is designed, I prefer a little conflict. I think that overlapping the branches more would make the print a little less flat.

I myself don't mind the 'static' feeling. The big problem with this print I think, is the ridiculous stone statue. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but just looks like some kind of frozen spaceman in a football helmet ...

Comments: I plan to look at your print over and over.

Beautifully serene image.

Comments: Enjoyed the subtleties you achieved with only two colors. My last color reduction woodcut was 14 runs and I lost count of how many colors - tedious. I need to simplify.

The austere feeling when viewing the print. I feel that one must whisper if something is needed to be said.

Comments: The shaded grays almost look like airbrush. So smooth.

I kept your print from Exchange 1, up on my wall (in my home). Looks like I will be having a David Bull wall. This one goes up also.

I really love this print. It is so understated and cool looking (temperature that is). A person could just walk right in and enjoy the museum and feel the snow crunching under foot.

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