Wanda Robertson

'Way to Me'

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Artist's comments ...

This print depicts the training that goes into making a stock dog a useful part of a farm. The partnership of human and dog is truly a fascinating subject to me.

The largest 'hanga' done by me to date. Hope you enjoy it.

Viewer feedback ...

Praise: Is that tsubushi? Flat color is hard to print! and far away sheep? I like the color combinations, and sense of depth in a small print!

Praise: Nice use of color which balances your design. A print enjoyable to look at. I like the look of the sky, too, implying a serenity, though we can see the dog working with leaping joy in this peaceful setting. Good work, Wanda.

Praise: I'm impressed by how much is said, simply, without a lot of little details. (I think the eye fills those in by itself).

Suggestions: I think if the meadow green were shaded, dark to light, and the trees on the left were shaded more deliberately, it would strengthen the print.

Comments: I'm very impressed; it's a wonderful composition.

Your print is one of my favorites in the exchange.

I didn't realize until I went back and looked at your info that you were new to woodcuts. Good work!

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