Brad Schwartz

'Airway Heights'

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Artist's comments ...

My print 'Airway Heights' depicts an area close to Spokane, WA called Airway Heights. This area contains the airport and the Air Force base... thus the name. I used to do a delivery route for the newspaper I work for and it took me out that way... ever since then, I've gone out there and driven around to take pictures of clouds and the flat landscape.

In the foreground you can see one of the red and white checkered towers (I assume they're water or fuel, don't really know though) and the immense background depicts a giant cloud formation.

This print ended up the way it was planned, but I guess mistakes or accidents happen for a reason. I had intended for there to be much greater contrast, but the brayer I used was too soft and ended up inking areas that I didn't want inked. The fine details in the cloud formation are from the raw woodgrain being inked... no, all those tiny line weren't carved!

The paper is Owara Mulberry, Daniel Smith Relief Black ink, T.N. Lawrence brayer and printed on a Griffen table top press (owned by Cyndy Wilson).

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