Horácio Soares Neto


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Gayle Wohlken

Praise: Lots of wood energy in this.

I don't know exactly what 'wood energy' means (I can guess) but I loved your comment! Thank you very much Gayle!

Wanda Robertson

Praise: What can I say, Horacio? Your prints are truthful comments on the state of the human race. This poor man is getting whipped around- but he looks like he's not sure whether he is frightened or enjoying it!

Good point, I think he is frightened AND enjoying it!

I think I will have to send you a photo for a portrait of the true me. Although, I'm not sure I would like what it would look like! :-)

Good joke!

Suggestions: Just keep printing!

Once more Wanda, thank you very much for your always positive comments about my work.

Pete White

Praise: As amazing as your stuff is on my screen, to have one in my hands was even more so. All I can really say is wow. I love the flow of the residual lines from carving.

I am very happy with your opinion, Pete. Thank you.

Comments: The characters look very Brazilian. Very interesting point.

Really? I like to know that.

James Mundie

Praise: An interesting image, though perhaps a bit unsettling (which I mean in the best sense of the word, as in forcing the viewer to question what is before them).

Thank you for your useful and nice comment.

Suggestions: I don't understand why you decided to print this image on glassine. A 'real' paper would have suited the print much better.

James, you are absolutely right. I am convinced that I have a lot to learn about papers and printing. I am already researching better papers to use in my prints. That is an significant benefit/advantage of the exchanges! Considering the way I work (oil ink, hand printing with a wooden spoon) can you suggest any particular paper? Thank you again.

Cathie Crawford

Praise: One of my very favorite prints in this portfolio, Horacio.

Thank you, Cathie.

Suggestions: Would love some comments from the artist about the work.

I think my prints depict my state of humor/mood; Usually I don't make a previous design of the print, sometimes only a rough sketch. I draw directly on the block (with pencil for wood and ballpoint pen for linoleum). In many cases I erase a lot (with alcohol when using linoleum) and frequently the final drawing is quite different from the beginning one.

Comments: Fantastic composition / drawing. Intriguing content. Very well executed technically.

Thank you very much for your opinion and comments. They made me happy.

Greg Valentine

Praise: Wonderful variety of knife strokes and texture, how black and white lines move into each other, how much movement and excitement there is in it. I also like the movement from the head in the foreground to the woman in midground; very effective.

Greg, your opinion made me happy.

Suggestions: I think the skin textures are too similar to the background, I want more contrast, to read the solid as different than the background (although I wouldnt want it to be a pure white background).

I agree with you, the background should be more clean, right?

Comments: I am interested to know why you have printed this on such thin paper-- is there a technical reason?

Considering the way I work (hand printing with wooden spoon), I need a very thin and smooth paper that get stick /glued on the block by the oil ink. I tried many papers but the only one that resulted in a good impression was that very cheap paper, that I recognize do not suit my work. This experience with exchanges led me to the conclusion that I have a lot to learn about papers. So I decided to find better papers. Can you suggest any? Thank you very much Greg..

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