Exchange #43

Eileen Corder, Coordinator

Exchange 43 Prints

Details of [Baren Exchange #43]

Medium: woodblock print (hand rubbed or pulled on a press, B&W or colour, any pigments, any paper)

Theme: Typography

Paper: Chuban about 10 x 7.5 inches (25.5 x 19cm)

Coordinator's comments:

Typography Exchange 43

Typography is such an integral part of our lives, all the way from matters of spirituality and education to nutrition facts and the ubiquitous EXIT sign. We think of the Gutenberg Bible as the bedrock from which all our modern type springs, but as woodblock printers we carry on typography’s ancient tradition which began in Asia almost 600 years before Gutenberg.
The earliest woodblock printing in China is associated with the sutras and the spread of Buddhism. The oldest, dated, printed “book” was found in a cave near Dunhuang in northwest China. The 16-foot long scroll transcribes the Diamond Sutra and now rests in the British museum. It can in fact be viewed online at
The colophon, at the inner end, reads, “Reverently made for universal free distribution by Wang Jie on behalf of his two parents on the 15th of the 4th moon of the 9th year of Xiantong (May 11, 868).”

I’d like most sincerely to thank this international group of artists who gave of their time, creative energy and finances to participate in the Typography Exchange. We might get lazy and think that our Baren Exchange tradition will be here forever, but in truth, it is only as vital as we, the artists, make it. Everyone of us does it out of love which makes it all the more elusive and exquisite.
A big kiss goes to my husband, Brian Russell, for scanning all the prints and using his computer know-how to construct this handsome colophon. A big hug to all the artists who sent in more than just postage, especially Jean Womack and Ld Lawrence. These contributions made the printing possible. Thank You!
I’d also like to thank our fearless Exchange Managers, Kristine Alder and Mary Kuster, for their behind the scenes dedication and for allowing me the chance to see the “other side” of the exchanges. It has been an honor and a pleasure.

                      Eileen Corder


Download the Exchange 43 Colophon .pdf file - pdf icoexchange_43_colophon.pdf